Assumption of the Blessed Virgin at Chartres

During our week in Paris, we were able to work in a day trip to Chartres, where we visited the famous Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, among other things. The trip produced what is probably my favorite photo of the week, so rather than waiting to do a full write-up on the visit, I’m just going to post the photo now.

Altar sculpture at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres
This marble sculpture appears behind the main altar in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres.

The marble sculpture depicts — well, let’s say I believe it depicts, since I didn’t find any interpretive sign — the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It stands over the main altar, or behind it, depending on your perspective. There was a lot of restoration work being done to the interior of the cathedral, and with things being moved around, including the altar itself, it wasn’t always clear whether we were standing in the nave, the choir, the sanctuary, or somewhere else entirely.

We were definitely on the interior of the cathedral, though. I know at least that much about church architecture.

4 thoughts on “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin at Chartres”

  1. Chartres is an absolutely amazing place. We took a day trip out of Paris just to see the cathedral and spent so much time gawking, we missed our train back. Oh well, there’s always a charming inn for the idiot traveler.

    1. We were there on a day trip from Paris ourselves. It was a cold, damp morning in January, and as we trudged from the train station through the wet snow, we could see the spires of the cathedral disappear in the low-hanging fog. It certainly made the effort worthwhile.

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