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Uber referral code?

Are you an Uber user?

I’m considering using Uber for the first time tomorrow. I understand there are referral codes that allow existing users to earn a free ride by referring a new user, who also gets a free ride.

If you see this message and would like to share your referral code with me, please leave a comment below. I’ll hold off creating an account until late this evening or maybe even first thing tomorrow morning, Arizona time.

Update (2015-08-10, 1308 UTC): Over sixteen hours have passed without a taker, so I’m going ahead with Uber’s promo code. I’ll post my referral code here when I’ve created my account.

Update (2015-08-10, 1325 UTC): My Uber referral code is uberaf7kq. Use it wisely.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman