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Recent backfill projects

I recently completed several backfill projects, moving over 200 posts from my old travel blog and other sources into this blog.

The Pilgrimito posts

The biggest project was migrating over 180 of my old Pilgrimito posts. Moving the posts from one WordPress blog to another wasn’t particularly difficult, but redirecting the old links to the new ones required me to write a short program. I used the project as an opportunity to learn some programming tools that were new to me — specifically, using the Xamarin platform to write a C# console application on my Mac — so that was a bonus.

If you visit the old Pilgrimito blog, at first glance it’ll look like it hasn’t changed. However, when you click on a post link, it will — most of the time — redirect to the corresponding post here. Over time I’ll redirect the tag, category, and archive links, and eventually I’ll catch anything else and send it to the front page here.

The 1994 travel journal

One of my first web pages dates back to 1994, before the word blog had even been coined. I had spent several weeks in Europe that summer, which I chronicled in an old-school pen-and-paper journal. In the fall of that year, I created a single HTML page detailing the entire trip. I was a grad student at the time, so I published the journal on my home page on the university web server — most people hadn’t even heard of the world-wide web yet — and moved it around as I changed internet service providers over the years. I don’t think the page has had a home, other than my hard drive, for ten years or more.

Porting a very long single HTML page to a blog is possible, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Fortunately, I had been rather meticulous in my HTML coding back in 1994. With just a few tweaks to the HTML, I was able to write another program to parse it into 43 separate posts, organized by date and place.

The 2004 e-mails

Previously unpublished, I also ported five long e-mail letters I sent to family and friends during my 2004 solo journey around Europe. Unlike the 1994 journal, these letters did not lend themselves easily to being split up, so I imported them as-is.

Several of these posts are over 2,000 words long. You’ve been warned.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman