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Arrived in Cape Town

We arrived in Cape Town last night. After a day and a half of traveling, I was far too exhausted to post anything other than a quick text to my mother. The bar had already closed when we arrived at the hotel, so we ended up raiding the well stocked mini-bar instead. In light of the rapidly depreciating rand, the mini-bar here was cheaper than a real bar at home.

I failed to remember it’s summer here until the sunlight started shining into our room around 5 am. Still, we managed to sleep until 7:45. We probably would have stayed in bed later, but it’s Sunday and we wanted to attend Mass. There’s a Catholic church a few minutes’ walk from our hotel, and the only Mass was at 9 am, so that set our schedule.

After Mass, we returned to the hotel and had a hot breakfast. Then we went to pick up our rental car. Kathryn used Uber for the first time to get us there. Even though I’ve done it in the past, I was reluctant to have both manual transmission and right-side drive at the same time, so Kathryn booked us an automatic. Bad news is they didn’t have an automatic in the size class she booked. Good news is we were upgraded to an Audi A4 for the same price. Not too shabby.

After picking up the car, we decided we’re going to take the rest of the day off. Right now we’re enjoying drinks by the pool to prepare ourselves for the long nap we’ll need before dinner. Sightseeing can wait until tomorrow.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman