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Enjoying my first morning coffee in Kruger National Park

It’s just after 6 am, and I’m enjoying my first morning coffee in Kruger National Park. After a long drive here from Johannesburg yesterday, none of us was eager for an early rise. However, the camp gates do open at 4:30 am, and the wildlife viewing changes throughout the day, so we’ll get out early another morning.

The camp is surrounded by an electric fence, so predators aren’t a concern within its perimeter. Monkeys and baboons, on the other hand, are clever enough to find their way in. For this reason, the kitchenettes have refrigerators enclosed in steel cages.

We did see monkeys in the camp yesterday, but this morning I’m seeing mostly small birds and an occasional squirrel.

Since my last update, we can add a pride of lions to our sightings. This was quite exciting to see, and we spent so much time watching them we almost didn’t make it back to the camp before the gate closing. We can now say we’ve seen four of the “big five” game animals, with only the rhinoceros still eluding us.

Although I’m able to get decent scenery shots with my phone, it flat out sucks for wildlife. Kathryn has some amazing photos that will have to wait until we get back to Johannesburg, since I left my OTG adapter there.