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Overnight dust storm

I’m up early having a coffee outdoors on this second morning in Kruger National Park. There’s a slight wind, and it’s a lot cooler than when we went to bed last night. It looks like some sort of dust storm blew through here overnight. There’s a thick layer of dust all over our dining area. I can also make out animal tracks in the fresh dust on the path between the chalettes.

We went on two three-hour drives yesterday — one in the morning, and one mid-afternoon. The wildlife sightings were at least as amazing as the previous day’s. We saw four of the big five again: buffaloes, elephants, lions, and even another leopard. The rhino remains elusive.

The lion sighting was particularly fascinating because we saw three males together, and because they were napping in the sun rather than finding shade like nearly every other creature.

We drove among an entire herd of zebra, and we also spotted ostriches, baboons, monkeys, and a jackal. We saw countless impala, kudu, and waterbucks, all of which were so abundant we eventually stopped calling them out.