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Light rain and morning coffee in Kruger National Park

It’s Sunday morning here in Kruger National Park, and I’m enjoying my coffee to the sound and smell of a light rain. Bats seem to like the thatch roofs of our current chalettes, so the other smell is bat excrement. I’m slowly getting used to it.

We knew it was going to be hard to top the previous three days when we set out on our drive yesterday, but not ten minutes from the camp we spotted two hyenas feasting on a fresh zebra while a flock of vultures impatiently waited their turn. It was a fascinating scene right out of Wild Kingdom.

Later in the morning, at a large watering hole where many animals were drinking, we saw a crocodile leap several feet out of the water, nearly missing a tasty impala. The croc snapped his jaws with such great force, we heard him clear across the pond. Not only did he send the herds of zebras and impalas scurrying, he also managed to startle a nearby rhinoceros. By the way, that was our second rhino sighting of the morning, after not having seen one on previous days.

Upon returning to the camp for lunch, we watched two beautiful starlings feeding assorted newts and grubs to a nest of chicks in a hollowed tree trunk. On our afternoon drive, we saw a “small” python that stretched halfway across the road.

Yesterday was the day that seeing wild elephants, zebras, and giraffes started to become almost boring. Except that it wasn’t at all.