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The drive back to Johannesburg from Kruger National Park

Yesterday we made the drive back to Johannesburg from the Lower Sabie camp in Kruger National Park. We had entered the park at Orpen Gate but left via Crocodile Gate, near the southern end of the park, not far from the border of Mozambique. It took us nearly an hour to get out of the camp in steady rain, during which we sighted several lions and hyenas, among the many creatures that had come to drink from the puddles formed in the pavement.

The first couple hours of driving were through the valley of the Crocodile River, passing by fields of sugar cane, bananas, and citrus groves. I didn’t really think about the similarities to Hawaii until we stopped at a farm stand where they sold macadamia nuts and lychees.

The rest of the trip was essentially a repeat in reverse of the first three hours of the trip to the park.

Now back in Johannesburg, we can all unwind a bit. Our plans for the day include shopping, a nice lunch out, and for me, a badly needed haircut and shave.