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Credit where due at Sky Harbor, particularly to TSA

We’re at the airport in Phoenix, and it’s time to give some credit where it’s due.

First, when we arrived at the self check-in kiosk, we got a message telling us we were misconnected at Salt Lake City. The Delta personnel who resolved the situation were patient and friendly. After having the agent check several alternate routes, we’re back on the same route with a shorter-than-normal layover. Apparently the minimum is supposed to be 30 minutes; we’ll have 27.

A few minutes later, I had my most pleasant TSA experience ever. Everyone seemed to have a sense of humor for once. The only glitch came from my own wife, who went full cop and pointed out I had walked through the metal detector with my shoes on. The agent hadn’t noticed, but he had to send me back to take off my shoes after Kathryn busted him.

Thanks also go out to my sister, who came across the Valley and got us to the airport in plenty of time to get through our formalities, relax, and enjoy a coffee before our flight.