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Clean laundry and an Asian buffet with frog’s legs in Reims

We’re spending a second night in Reims, and we decided to have a bit of a day off from sightseeing. We’re getting some laundry done right now; we only have three nights left in Europe, so we should have no shortage of clean laundry for the rest of the trip. We plan to visit the city center again today, but at a more relaxed pace than recent days.

Last night we decided we didn’t want to stray far from for the hotel for dinner, so we ended up at an Asian buffet which was a short walk away. At first glance, it wasn’t all that different from Asian buffets in the U.S., but when we looked more closely there were subtle differences. For example, I’ve never seen frog’s legs on an Asian buffet in Phoenix. I tried a few. They tasted like garlic chicken, but with tiny little bones I had to avoid. Naturally the all-you-can-eat aspect appealed to the red-blooded Americans in us, but after a few weeks of eating European portions, we didn’t eat nearly as much as we thought we would.