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Last morning in Reims

It’s an overcast morning in Reims. We’ve had a lot of great weather this trip, so I can hardly complain. We’re all packed for the last leg of our car trip, a relatively short drive to Paris. Check-in time at our next hotel is 2 pm, so we’re not quite ready to leave our current one yet.

There’s little to report from yesterday. We spent a bit of time in the city center, had a kebab sandwich for lunch, which was the best of the three we’ve had on this trip, and saw a beautiful medieval parish church. The evening was more or less a repeat of the night before, minus the cathedral visit.

We’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time making wrong turns in Reims because the roads are so poorly marked. GPS helps a little, but not when the signs don’t correspond to the instructions. I’ve accidentally gotten on an autoroute several times, which means I had to drive several miles to the next exit, turn around, and get back on the right path again. One time I intended to get on the autoroute heading toward the city center, but I ended up heading toward Paris instead. I quickly exited to avoid a toll, but that put me on a different autoroute heading an altogether different direction. Eventually I found the city center, in part because I caught sight of the cathedral and turned the car that way.

I’ll be happy to be done with the driving when we give the car back in a few hours.