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Don Camillo, my new favorite pizzeria in Montpellier

I once had a favorite pizza place in Montpellier, but it closed years ago. I also had a second favorite pizzeria, but it closed too. I didn’t have a third favorite, so I had to start all over again. Now, Kathryn and I have been to Don Camillo three times in the last two years, which means by default it’s my new favorite pizzeria in Montpellier. In fact, it was where we had the first dinner and, roughly two weeks later, the last dinner of our recent stay in Montpellier. Excellent wood-fired pizza, decent table wine, great ambiance, friendly service, and reasonable prices — what’s not to like? The fact that it was just a few steps from our apartment didn’t hurt either.

Being Americans, we tend to arrive a tad early for dinner — 7:30 being early for dinner in the south of France, especially on a Saturday. But by the time I took this photo closer to 9:20, the restaurant was full of smiling faces, including a few families. In a university city like Montpellier where it’s easy to feel outnumbered by twenty-something-year-old students, seeing some silver hair among the other diners at Don Camillo made us feel like we were in an age-appropriate environment for a couple hours.