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Enjoying sushi in Las Vegas, at Takashi in Chinatown

Here in Las Vegas, Kathryn and I are staying with a grad-school buddy of mine who’s in town for an academic conference. The three of us went out for sushi last night at a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Takashi, located in Chinatown.

Some people are surprised to learn Las Vegas has a Chinatown. It does, and it’s not insignificant.

I’m not a big fan of raw fish, but my wife is, and you can only say no to your spouse so many times before, in the interest of marital harmony, you relent and say yes. Since my buddy also likes sushi, now seemed an appropriate time.

Las Vegas has countless cheap all-you-can-eat sushi places, but the three of us agreed we wanted quality, not quantity. That said, the place we chose did have an attractively priced two-signature-roll combo special with several accompanying courses. All three of us ordered the combo, all with different signature rolls.

We all enjoyed the ambiance, the service, and the food, my buddy even going so far as to say it was some of the best sushi he’s ever had. For me, the problem was I reached my raw fish limit at the end of the first roll. When the second roll arrived, I had one bite and threw in the towel. Not a problem — between the two other diners at the table, the second roll didn’t go to waste.

I’d eat there again, but next time I think I’d order à la carte. Just one signature roll or possibly two smaller rolls would have been a year’s worth of sushi for me.