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Weekend before Christmas tradition

After changing our minds twice in the last ten weeks, Kathryn and I made a last-minute decision to resume our traditional weekend-before-Christmas getaway to Las Vegas. We expect to leave in a few hours. I’ll post updates from the road as usual.

We’re booked at Gold Coast, one of our long-time haunts. If you’re familiar with Las Vegas, it’s about a mile west of the Strip on Flamingo Road, across the street from Palms and next door to Rio. We thought of staying elsewhere, but their offer this weekend was too good to pass up.

As an aside, I used to tell friends and family they should stay on the Strip when they visit Las Vegas for the first time, and then once they’ve figured things out, never stay there again. About once every two years, usually at the urging of my lovely wife, I ignore my own advice, stay on the Strip, and thoroughly regret it.

After this August’s overpriced stay in a run-down room at Paris, my revised advice is much simpler: Don’t stay on the Strip. Perhaps I’ll elaborate more in another blog post, but if you’re making Las Vegas plans soon, for now just trust me. If you need an off-Strip recommendation, let me know.