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Eye in the sky on the street

Between the overhead cameras and the ever-present security personnel, you expect to be under constant surveillance when you’re in a Las Vegas casino. Recently I’ve noticed the surveillance extending to the street as well.

This mobile surveillance station, courtesy of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, was seen on the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo, in front of The Cromwell, which used to be Bill’s Gambling Hall, which used to be Barbary Coast, which probably used to be something else prior to that. If you’re staying there on a low floor, it can probably see into your room.

I saw two of these stations, although I now can’t remember where I saw the other one. I also didn’t see many uniformed police officers patrolling the Strip this visit; I’m not sure I saw any. Usually there are almost as many cops as hooker card snappers.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman