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Best hockey match this season … in Montpellier?

A few weekends ago, for the second time this season, Kathryn and I ventured out to the West Valley to watch the Arizona Coyotes lose, this time 4-1 against the San Jose Sharks. As we left the arena and walked back to the car, I wondered aloud, wouldn’t it be funny if the best hockey we saw this season was a French D2 match where roughly 800 were in attendance and the tickets cost us less than beers at Gila River Arena?

A few days later, wondering the same thing again, I visited the Montpellier Vipers website and discovered the team had reached the playoffs — seeded first in their pool! Since then, the Vipers have advanced to the quarterfinals and are currently leading 1-0 in a best-of-three series. Could they be heading back to D1 just one season after being promoted from D3?

Go Vipers!

Afterthought: For the price of a beer at the Coyotes match, I got a ticket to the Vipers match and a beer.