Sunday morning hike at Shaw Butte, Phoenix

We’ve had a relatively wet winter this year in Phoenix, and the desert vegetation is greener than I’ve seen it in a long time. Kathryn and I went out yesterday morning for a routine exercise hike at Shaw Butte, and she couldn’t help but grab some photos on the hike back down.

(Photo: KG7NRB)

The camera is facing roughly north-east, as the 7 am shadows attest. Our home is somewhere among the suburbia in the top-left quadrant of the photo. And there’s a rare sighting of me in this photo: I’m wearing a navy shirt and khaki pants and have my left hand on my hip.

4 thoughts on “Sunday morning hike at Shaw Butte, Phoenix”

  1. I recognized you without the text, but I assume, since Kathryn has the camera, the woman in the background is a random hiker. Like Kathryn, I can’t pass up a chance for a photo and have been documenting the color change on the hills at Thunderbird Park. We were there today and the wildflowers where everywhere. It may be deceptive in this photo, but the trail looks a lot less challenging then the one we did this morning.

    1. The photo was taken on a relatively flat section of the Shaw Butte Trail, but as you can probably tell, we’re several hundred feet above Deer Valley, which we ascended on a steeper section of trail on the southern face of the hill. Kathryn was wondering aloud during the hike whether you two were ready for a hike like this. I said it really only matters whether you think you’re ready.

      1. Well, we did get to the peak of the highest mountain in the west side of 59th Ave, but I believe the one on the east side is a little higher. We prefer the scenery on the west side.

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