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The end of a great first full day in Richmond

We’re ​just finishing up a great first full day in Richmond. We slept in this morning and had a late breakfast at the hotel. Kathryn went for a more traditional breakfast of pancakes and eggs, while I switched things up and had sauteed shrimp and grits. Lunch was at a restaurant that our Uber driver called the “Korean Chipotle,” which was a rather fitting description of the place. We then saw three very different films at the French Film Festival; I’ll try to describe them briefly in posts later. Dinner was pizza in Carytown, and our nightcap was another Legend, this time at the hotel — and on the house, which was totally unexpected. Come to think of it, everyone has been beyond friendly everywhere we’ve been today. Servers, housekeepers, drivers, random strangers, and, yes, the hotel bartender have been engaging and pleasant. The positive vibe has turned a good day into a great day.