Rise and shine, a gorgeous Friday morning

It’s a gorgeous Friday morning where I am. I slept rather well. It’s at least 30 degrees cooler — by the way, that’s degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who aren’t ‘Murican — than when I set up camp yesterday afternoon. Much like Tom Brady’s balls, scientific laws explain why my air mattress felt somewhat deflated when I woke up today. Out of courtesy to nearby sleeping campers, I’m going to wait a while before breaking out the air pump, which is quite loud. Until then, I’m enjoying some tranquility, a French press coffee, and something to eat, since my last meal was a happy hour appetizer yesterday at a nearby bar.

2 thoughts on “Rise and shine, a gorgeous Friday morning”

  1. It sounds like you are enjoying yourself. I look forward to hearing more. I, too, am enjoying the new sheet and humidifiers.

    1. There’ve been some really great talks here so far. I already think it was worth the drive. If only it were 10 degrees cooler.

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