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New phone yet again

This status update is mostly for my Signal contacts. Yesterday I switched to a new phone — again — which means I have another new set of Signal keys. You can ignore any key warnings the next time we exchange messages. Also, if I belong to any groups on your end, you may want to update them.

At some point since my last new phone, Signal seems to have taken away the ability to export a public key. I used to publish my public key on this website, but unless I’m missing something, I won’t be doing that this time. I’ll also remove my old key soon.

My new phone is a Huawei. I expected to lose some geek cred yesterday when my colleagues asked about my new phone, but the reaction was quite the opposite. One commented about their impressive display at the Consumer Electronics Show, while another pointed out how big they are in China. So far the phone is meeting my expectations, but frankly that’s not a high bar to get over.