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Make your own bed at Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport

I’ve traveled quite a bit. I’ve spent months at a time backpacking through Europe on a tight budget, and I’ve stayed in some real dumps along the way. But I’ve never had to make my own bed in a hotel … until last night. Thanks, Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport. You didn’t just lower the bar; you dropped it on the floor.

Shortly after checking in last night at about 1:15 am, I remembered I’d paid for breakfast when I booked the room but had no idea how to claim it. I called downstairs, and apparently the clerk was supposed to have given me breakfast vouchers. Not a big deal. I went to the front desk and got them.

We were obviously quite tired and ready to get into bed. We pulled back the blankets on the bed and discovered there was no top sheet. Fitted sheet, yes, but nothing separating us from the blankets. I called the front desk again and asked if they always make the beds that way.

By this point I’m on a first-name basis with the clerk, Joel, who apologized and let me know he’d inform housekeeping. That’s swell, I let him know, but was housekeeping still working this late? No, they weren’t. Well, that doesn’t help me, so certainly they’re going to give me another room, right? No, they’re sold out. Well, at least they can give me a sheet so we can make my own bed, right? Sure, if I come down to the front desk again. So I got dressed again, went downstairs to get the sheet from Joel, and brought it back to the room. Kathryn and I unfolded it to remake the bed.

Our bed is a king. The sheet was a full.

At this point I’d had it. I’m lucky to have a wife who still wants to sleep close to me, so we made do with the full-size sheet for the one night. I have higher hopes for tonight’s stay at Super 8.