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The peaceful Trump event last night in Phoenix

If you’re watching CNN or one of the other fake news channels this morning and seeing what happened in downtown Phoenix last night, you may be thinking to yourself, at least Curt and Kathryn weren’t crazy enough to be there.


Actually, we were downtown for about five hours last night if you include all the time we spent in line in the hot sun to get into the convention center. Honestly, having had our boots on the ground, it was an almost entirely peaceful event. On both sides.

We took the light rail to and from the event, and there were many protesters aboard. Believe it or not, the “Make America Great Again” crowd and the “Trump Is Literally Hitler” crowd were in fact quite civil to each other, before and after the event. On the crowded trains, supporters gave up seats for weary protesters, and protesters gave up seats for weary supporters. We saw this happen several times, and we only rode a few stops each way.

Indeed, I think this is the great untold story from last night. Seeing people from both sides of a heated political issue peacefully and lovingly coexisting and cooperating and caring about one another destroys the narrative of polarization the liars in the media have been pushing for years.

By the time we arrived at the light rail stop to return home, I had already gotten a couple nervous texts from a friend who was watching the events unfold on a 24-hour news network. I don’t have cable or satellite television, so I turned on the local evening news when I got home.

From their perspective, it looked like a small number of protesters were riled up by an even smaller number of agitators. They refused to disperse when instructed by the police, so they were of course teargassed. One agitator who tried to throw a teargas canister back at police was shot with a non-lethal pellet. That’s the violence the media showed the world.

There were tens of thousands of Trump supporters and thousands of protesters gathered in a few city blocks on a hot August evening, carrying signs and chanting slogans. Yet as of last night there were no fatalities, a few minor injuries, and only two arrests. That’s the peace no one will ever hear about.