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After the ferry from Uruguay, first morning in Buenos Aires

We’ve just finished a long breakfast at our hotel in Buenos Aires. The ferry from Colonia del Sacramento was a much smaller vessel than I expected. Luckily I didn’t get seasick; I’ve had issues in the past, though usually on slower moving boats.

The arrival at the port yesterday afternoon was a bit aggravating. Buenos Aires is a metropolis, and I expected to arrive in a facility with ATMs, exchange desks, and so on. Instead we were deposited on a side street with a taxi stand and no way to get Argentinian pesos. Eventually we got Uber to work on Kathryn’s phone, and ten minutes later we had a ride to the hotel. We found an ATM near the hotel; it ony let us take out the equivalent of about $150, all in notes worth about $6 each.

After that, it was a quiet evening last night, with drinks and a sandwich at the hotel bar and watching the Argentinian national team qualify for the World Cup with a 3-1 win over Ecuador. The hotel is officially five-star and seems almost posh, but the clientele varies from well heeled business travelers to grubby backpackers. We’re probably at the latter end of that scale.