Arrived at our apartment in Punta del Este, Uruguay

We arrived in Punta del Este, Uruguay, late yesterday afternoon and took a short taxi ride to our rental apartment. As is often the case with any sort of online booking, you don’t know what you’re getting until you get there. The location is excellent. We’re on the eleventh floor of a high-rise near the end of the peninsula, on the edge of one of the oldest settled areas of Punta del Este. From our north-facing balcony, we can see the Plata River and the marina to the left side, and the Atlantic Ocean straight ahead and to the right.

Punta del Este, near the apartment

However, the building itself is a bit run down, and the cleanliness of the apartment left something to be desired. This morning, in addition to picking up croissants for breakfast — by the way, croissants are called medialunas here, which I find rather charming — we picked up some cleaning supplies, and after a bit of work, all of which was done by Kathryn, the apartment smells Fabuloso fresh.

Punta del Este, cleaning the apartment

Today being Sunday, we also scouted out the Mass times at the nearest church, which happens to be a five-minute walk from the apartment. I’ve yet to find authoritative Mass times online for Uruguay, so we’ve settled for walking to a nearby church and looking for a sign on or near the door. Last week at the cathedral in Montevideo, we showed up at the posted time to find the doors locked and no priest in sight. I hope we have better luck today.

On the way back from our scouting walk, as we passed another high rise, we watched four young women jump out of a taxi, still in their club outfits. It was 8:30 am. I guess they don’t just party until dawn in Punta del Este; they party through dawn.

5 thoughts on “Arrived at our apartment in Punta del Este, Uruguay”

  1. My español is a little rusty, but medialunes is half moons, right? That’s cute!

    1. My español is probably even rustier, but that’s what I thought. We went to the local market this morning and bought a half-dozen — two plain, two with sugar, and two with cheese. They sell them by the kilo.

      1. We are on a very low carb diet, so this is making me sad. Please tell me about meat and cheese in Uruguay and Argentina!

      2. I don’t know what to say except the meat has been great. We had our third steak dinner this evening, and although the other two were better, it was probably still in our top ten all-time steaks. The preparation couldn’t have been simpler — a slab of ribeye cooked to a nice medium rare over a grill of wood coals, with a bit of lettuce and tomato on the side. In Uruguay, they’ve been putting two dishes of olive-oil-based salsas on the table, one green and one red, while our one steak in Argentina was seasoned nicely on the grill. We couldn’t ask for much more!

      3. Yum! We had a T-bone with blue cheese, and roasted asparagus for dinner.

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