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Camping with a fake but pretty propane fireplace

Before our last camping trip, Kathryn got on the interwebs and found us a nice, portable propane fireplace. We had looked into this idea before, but most of the fireplaces we found in the past would have taken up half the trunk. This one was a bit pricey, but it’s smaller than our cooler.

Since we camp with a small, one-gallon propane tank that we use mainly for cooking, I was worried the fuel might not last an entire evening. We arrived last weekend with the tank about half-full, and we refilled it Saturday morning. After running the campfire about two hours each night and one hour each morning on medium-low output, we still had propane when we left the site Monday at noon. We could have run it hotter if we didn’t mind refilling the tank daily.

By the way, I’ve twice filled the propane tank at the same gas station in Cottonwood, and twice I’ve been told “no charge.” In a world of five-gallon and larger tanks, having a refillable one-gallon tank is something of a novelty. I’ve struck up a conversation about it each time I’ve had it filled.