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Having another look at the Salisbury Beach boardwalk

Before heading back to Boston yesterday, we decided to take one last walk at Salisbury Beach. In particular, we hadn’t taken a good look at the boardwalk, a curiosity for me since it didn’t exist when I was a kid growing up in Salisbury.

It’s hard to imagine if you look at it now, but the Salisbury Beach boardwalk was previously the site of some badly run-down buildings. I spoke to people over the weekend about what they remembered to have been in those buildings. I could remember some carnival games, some souvenir shops, and some snack vendors. Someone I talked to could remember a bar, but I had mostly left Salisbury before reaching drinking age. If any of my grandparents were still alive, they could probably tell stories about these buildings from when Salisbury Beach was in its heyday, which had passed several decades before I was born.

Sadly, parts of the boardwalk were badly damaged by the recent Nor’easter, which left piles of sand all over the streets at Salisbury Beach. We happened to talk to a bartender Sunday morning who works one of the bars next to the boardwalk, and she told us the ocean had come right up to the front door. Almost a month later, the clean-up was still ongoing.