Immaculate Conception, Newburyport

In the past twelve months, I’ve posted photos of two churches where Kathryn and I were called to be godparents to newborns. However, just this past Easter, we visited Immaculate Conception in Newburyport, Massachusetts, where I was baptized as a newborn, approximately a thousand years ago.

Immaculate Conception, Newburyport, choir loft
Instead of a photo of the altar, this time I got a photo of the choir loft.

One of Kathryn’s aunts was able to join us for Mass, which was especially nice.

The weirdest moment at Immaculate Conception came when we were heading back to the car after Mass. A parishioner approached us to interrogate me about the book I was carrying. It was a hand missal. He’d apparently never seen one before.

4 thoughts on “Immaculate Conception, Newburyport”

  1. Hi Curt.
    What a special occasion. My uncle was a priest close to there for many years. He retired to Maine and died last year. Pat Irwin. You may have met him in the church some time. I met him in Breaking New Grounds for coffee a few times. Kathy

    1. It was only the second time I’d set foot in this church since I’ve been old enough to remember. I grew up across the river in Salisbury and moved away from the area in 1990. I just did a web search and found your uncle’s obituary. I don’t believe our paths ever crossed, but you never know.

  2. I remember the occasion very well. Your sister was also baptized there. I believe your Grandparents 25th anniversary was also held at the church as well as the weddings of many of our friends.

    1. I’m now forever tied to that parish, no matter where in the world I roam. When Kathryn and I got married in Phoenix, the priest had to get a baptism certificate from Immaculate Conception first and had to notify them afterwards.

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