Returning home after an amazing week in Mexico City

It’s Saturday morning in Mexico City. Kathryn and I will be checking out of the hotel later this morning and heading back home to Phoenix. The last three days have been exhausting, but nothing short of amazing. Between pyramids, stunning churches and chapels, and beautiful Masses, I’ll need several more days to find the right words and to curate the photos we took.

One of several bronze images of St. Juan Diego located near the tilma at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We were never able to get a second driver for the two vans, and the driver we did get was somewhat unreliable, so two men from the parish ended up driving the vans. I, with the participation of Google Maps, spent a lot of the last three days helping them navigate the wild Mexico City traffic.

On a side note, Kathryn and I had a separate set of wedding rings made a few years ago. Our original rings aren’t particularly flashy, but these new ones are even more modest. We had them made with the intention of wearing them when we travel. However, we’ve neglected to have them blessed until yesterday. The priest traveling with us went out of his way to get ahold of a Roman Ritual so that he’d perform the brief blessing rite correctly. He noted that it was fitting to have our travel rings blessed while on a pilgrimage. I couldn’t agree more.

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