Driving from Puebla back to Mexico City through a mountain hail storm

Yesterday I posted a photo of the mountain pass on the drive from Mexico City to Puebla last Friday. The return trip later the same day wasn’t quite so picturesque. While passing over the same stretch of highway, we encountered a light hail storm and a lot of rain. As was the case earlier in the day, I was seated in the front row, passenger side. This time, I decided to capture a bit of video.

The amazing thing to hear in this video is not so much the sound of the hail on the windshield, but the deafening silence of the other fourteen people in the van. I like to think a number of Hail Marys were being quietly recited.

4 thoughts on “Driving from Puebla back to Mexico City through a mountain hail storm”

  1. Wo, quite the hailstorm!
    How was driving in the city itself? We’re wondering if we should hire a car for an upcoming trip to Mexico city..want and beyond..not sure how the traffic works..any thoughts you can share would be helpful

    1. Man, if I could avoid it, I would. I’ve driven in L.A., Manhattan, London, Paris, Berlin, and even other cities in Mexico, and I’ve never seen traffic like I saw in Mexico City. I wrote a post several days ago about the Metro; it’s easy to navigate and really cheap to use, so take it if you can. Uber is also available, reliable, and relatively inexpensive; we used it when the Metro wouldn’t do. If you do rent a car, consider having one person drive while another navigates. That’s the only way we avoided trouble. Just assume every lane is a left or right turn lane. The first maneuver out of our hotel each morning was to make a right turn out of the parking lot and then, within about a hundred feet, make a left turn across four lanes of traffic through an intersection. It was insane, but somehow we didn’t cause any damage. Don’t expect to park anywhere for free, except maybe your hotel.

      1. Thanks for the insightful comment! Will be sure to read your metro post..havent had a chance to read many of your posts yet..but your comments help me plan my trip better. Thanks!

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