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Early breakfast to start a busy day in Las Vegas

After a surprisingly good night’s sleep in Las Vegas — I realize people seldom brag about how much sleep they got in Vegas, except perhaps to say they didn’t sleep at all — Kathryn and I have had one of those weird mornings where everything took fifteen minutes less time than we expected, and now we’re stuck with an hour to kill before our class, the doors for which open at 8:30 am.

So we’re sipping coffee slowly at the restaurant at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery. Since our last visit, the restaurant has rebranded itself as Village Pub, a name used by some of its sister properties. We’ve been here for breakfast before, but seldom this early, and I’ve never seen the place this empty. It’s finally starting to fill up as we get closer to 8 am, but the waitress said she’s okay with us hanging here for a while. The guys at the next table seem to be taxi drivers; the waitress got their license numbers when they ordered, apparently to give them some sort of discount.

I ordered the corned beef hash for breakfast. The Ellis Island restaurant used to have some of the best corned beef hash I’ve had anywhere, but they seem to have changed it since our last breakfast here. It wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t the same. Oddly, it was too much corned beef and not enough hash.

As we walked in around 6:45 am, the blackjack tables had a few die-hard players, and the bar had a decent crowd around it. Once upon a time I read about a service industry discount at the bar between 3 and 8 am; perhaps it’s still a thing.

Update: After I first posted this, the cab drivers left only a tip, so their breakfasts — steak and eggs with a coffee — were apparently comped. Nice perk!

Update 2: The bar had cleared out by the time we left at 8:10 am, lending some support to my theory about the 3 to 8 am discount.