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Caught in a sudden dust storm on the Las Vegas Strip

Kathryn and I were out for an evening stroll on the Las Vegas Strip last night when a sudden dust storm — or haboob as the weathercasters like to say nowadays — rolled in. After we took shelter under the escalators of the pedestrian bridge over Las Vegas Blvd. in front of Bally’s, I shot a few seconds of video. As one YouTube commenter stated, it was worse than the video lets on.

After the dust started to subside, we started walking towards the High Roller where we’d catch the shuttle back to our off-Strip hotel. The shortest path took us through Flamingo, but our shortcut was cut off by an incident related to the dust storm. Apparently a window shattered, sending shards of glass everywhere, including into some guests. They closed off a major corridor inside the casino as crews treated injured guests and dealt with the storm damage.