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Foreign sources, redux

A couple years ago, I wrote a lengthy blog post challenging my family, friends, and followers to seek out reputable foreign news sources in languages other than English. After yesterday’s circus in Washington, I think it’s more important than ever to repeat my challenge, especially since I haven’t seen any English-language coverage of the spectacle that’s even close to impartial.

If you’d like a starting point, try this article in French from Le Figaro, a Parisian daily: <http: 01003-20180927artfig00325-le-juge-kavanaugh-confronte-a-son-accusatrice.php=”” 09=”” 2018=”” 27=”” international=”” www.lefigaro.fr="“>

If you find a relatively factual news article on this topic from another reputable foreign source — especially if Google Translate does an acceptable job with it — I invite you to use the comment section to post a link. Please keep in mind your comment may be held in moderation due to the link, even if you typically get a free pass through the queue.