Foreign sources, redux

A couple years ago, I wrote a lengthy blog post challenging my family, friends, and followers to seek out reputable foreign news sources in languages other than English. After yesterday’s circus in Washington, I think it’s more important than ever to repeat my challenge, especially since I haven’t seen any English-language coverage of the spectacle that’s even close to impartial.

If you’d like a starting point, try this article in French from Le Figaro, a Parisian daily:

If you find a relatively factual news article on this topic from another reputable foreign source — especially if Google Translate does an acceptable job with it — I invite you to use the comment section to post a link. Please keep in mind your comment may be held in moderation due to the link, even if you typically get a free pass through the queue.

2 thoughts on “Foreign sources, redux”

  1. I read the article (with help from Google) and admit it was much more polite than what we have seen the last few days. The drama has been terrible. And it will continue for another week or more before the Senate makes a vote. I am not expecting to see the result I would like, but I am hoping for the best.

    1. I know the old saying — if you like sausage and laws, don’t watch either being made — but I can’t imagine sausagemaking being anywhere near as disgusting as what transpired on Capitol Hill this past week. In the best case, two people and their families were needlessly destroyed to achieve opposing political ends, and every other conceivable outcome is far worse. Yuck. It was refreshing to see the Washington correspondent for Le Figaro was able to get out a story that was mostly fact-based and civil while also laying out what’s at stake for both sides.

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