Seeing a Brioche Dorée in Charlotte while awaiting flight to Manchester

Our flight to Charlotte arrived early, meaning we didn’t have to rush between gates on different concourses. We also had some time to check out the dining options, and for the first time in the United States, I saw a Brioche Dorée.

Brioche Dorée in the airport in Charlotte

The Brioche Dorée in Montpellier used to be my go-to for breakfast on Sundays when all the decent boulangeries were closed. In the Charlotte store, Kathryn had a blueberry cheese danish that she enjoyed thoroughly.

We’ve now boarded our flight to Manchester, New Hampshire. The agent in Phoenix briefly mistook us going to Manchester, England, but the American Airlines app shows our bags are on the same aircraft we’re on.

2 thoughts on “Seeing a Brioche Dorée in Charlotte while awaiting flight to Manchester”

  1. I visited the Brioche Dorée in Montpellier a few times as well. I guess you’re right that it’s not the best option in town, but I thought it was pretty good as far as chains go – plus they have free wifi, so I could get some work done there. Would be nice to see it more in the states 🙂

    1. Part of the charm of the Montpellier store was the café seating under the trees on Place Jean Jaurès. Still, at an airport, one could do a lot worse than Brioche Dorée.

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