Think you’ve imagined the perfect New Year’s Eve?

If you could spend New Year’s Eve anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Until yesterday, the plan for Kathryn and me was to ring in the new year around a propane fire at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona, enjoying a quiet evening to ourselves, drinking some beers with starlit skies above us. However, as the date drew nearer, we saw the temperatures were forecast to be unseasonably cold, with snow also a distinct possibility. Camping no longer seemed like the best use of our four-day weekend.

It was admittedly a disappointment for us. As some of you may remember, we had to cut short our last camping trip to Dead Horse Ranch in October, also because of weather. Considering that we also had to rewrite our November travel plans three times, perhaps it’s somewhat fitting to end 2018 with another discarded itinerary.

So with four days off and no New Year’s Eve plans, what are we going to do instead? Times Square in New York City? Champs de Mars under the lights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? A view of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney?

Screw all that. We’re going to Louisville, Kentucky.

Stay tuned …

4 thoughts on “Think you’ve imagined the perfect New Year’s Eve?”

  1. Probably won’t be as exciting as Times Square or the Eiffel Tower, but we’ll have a warm fire, plenty of booze, fresh popcorn, and maybe a fun game or two! Still very excited y’all (see what I did there?) are coming to visit!

    1. Honestly, I’d forgotten Kentucky makes fine bourbons. That alone has increased my level of excitement! Plus, you know, seeing family and all.

  2. Louisville…not THAT is exotic! LOL At least you are getting out. Mine will probably be at home on the couch, as usual. I might even sample leftover popcorn found in the seat cushions…have a great time. I look forward to reading about it!

    1. Chances are our New Year’s Eve will be about as exciting as yours. We have cousins who live just outside Louisville, and they have three young children, so it’ll likely be an evening in. We may have fresher popcorn, though.

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