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Flight delayed out of Louisville, prompting a dubious American Airlines “upgrade”

We’re still in Louisville. Our American Airlines flight to Chicago has been delayed, guaranteeing we’ll miss our connection to Phoenix. There is a later flight to Phoenix, and we were able to get seats on it, so I guess that’s a good thing.

However, American Airlines is playing a game they already played with us once on this trip, which is to separate our assigned seats in such a way that one of us has to pay a seat upgrade fee if we want to sit together. Which we did.

As part of our “upgrade,” American Airlines decided to reassign both of us from boarding Group 7 to Group 8 when we get to Chicago. That means we can probably kiss the overhead bins — and the legroom they free up — goodbye.

At least for today, there’s one organization at the airport I find more loathsome than the TSA. And that’s a noteworthy accomplishment.