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For the past several months, Kathryn and I have had bad luck picking weekends to go camping. In October, we had to cut short a camping trip because of wet weather. Over New Year’s Eve, we had to cancel another trip altogether because of the cold, so we went to Kentucky instead. This weekend, our plans have evolved somewhat differently, but they were changed at the last minute due to weather that’s both wet and cold. The top story here in Arizona today is the snow, some of which can even be seen on the mountains surrounding Phoenix.

Hiking near Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona.
Hiking near Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Kathryn and I had been planning to go tent camping this weekend at our favorite spot at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood. There’s always a chance of cold weather or even snow in February, but the historical averages are usually in our favor. Tent sites are not hard to come by in February, so we planned to wait until a week out before making a reservation. Our backup plan was Cholla Campground at Roosevelt Lake, which we visited for a long weekend around the same time last year.

Then, two weekends ago, my parents announced they had just bought a motor home. That changed everything.

My parents' new motor home, still at the dealership.
My parents’ new motor home, still at the dealership.

Mom and Dad were excited about camping with us in Cottonwood, and especially about joining our Saturday evening ritual of dinner and beer at Pizzeria Bocce. So we eventually made a reservation for an RV site at Dead Horse Ranch, which is hard to come by in February. After a couple days of checking, a site eventually opened up.

Appetizer at Pizzeria Bocce in Cottonwood, Arizona.
Appetizer at Pizzeria Bocce in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Then, last weekend, Dad did a check of the extended weather forecast for Cottonwood, and he didn’t like what he saw. Cold and wet. Not that either is a huge concern in a motor home, but this being the first weekend in the new rig, my parents weren’t looking forward to the possibility of driving in snow or frozen pipes.

It was time for a new plan.

Although the whole state is wet today, as has been forecast for the past week, some parts were forecast to be colder than others. After some further research, we decided to spend the weekend at a private RV park south of Phoenix, near Eloy. Unlike Cottonwood, there’s no forecast of snow, and no closed highways like in northern parts of the state.

My parents are driving first in the motor home, and Kathryn and I will follow a couple hours later, after we’ve wrapped up our work for the day. I’ll post updates soon.

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    1. Thanks! We’ll try to make the best of the rain. It’s supposed to clear up tomorrow but remain unseasonably cold.

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