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Our next trip to Montpellier, France, starts next week

Kathryn and I are getting ready to take off late next week for a couple weeks in the south of France. Once again, we’re renting a small, furnished apartment in Montpellier. In fact, it’s the same apartment we’ve rented twice before, just a few steps from Place Jean-Jaurès in the heart of the historic center, so we have a good idea of what to expect.

What we’re unable to predict at this point is how our arrival will be affected by the ongoing Gilets Jaunes protests. Although the U.S. media has mostly stopped covering these weekly protests, everything I’ve read or seen in the French media suggests they’re still going strong. The typical time and place of the protests in Montpellier coincides closely with what should be the time and place we check into our apartment, so we’ll be monitoring the situation closely and staying in touch with our landlord. We usually take public transit from the airport to the city center, but this time we may splurge on a taxi if the conditions warrant it.

We don’t have much of an agenda fixed yet. We’re planning a side trip to Lourdes at some point during our stay. Since this will be our first time there together in the spring, we’re also planning to do some hiking in the region around Montpellier. We’ve still never been to Pic Saint-Loup, so that’s high on our list. We’d also like to see a sporting event of some sort. We haven’t chosen one yet, but handball is on our short list. And we’ll certainly spend some time at the beach.

Mostly, though, we’re just going to let ourselves slip into the background, with long strolls through neighborhoods punctuated by even longer pauses at local cafes.

As usual when I travel, I’ll keep the blog updated with stories, photos, and statuses. Kathryn and I also have Instagram accounts, if you feel like following along there as well.