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Arrived safely at our apartment in Montpellier

We enjoyed a bit more sleep on our flight from Paris to Montpellier, but since we were only in the air just over an hour, there’s not much else to say. By the time we collected our bags, we had missed a shuttle bus to the city by about 15 minutes, so we had to wait 45 minutes for the next one.

The gilets jaunes protests caused some interruptions in the public transit schedule, but we had a backup plan already in place. A few messages with our landlord confirmed we would have to use our backup plan and gave it a few extra details. As I was writing this, the protests marched loudly by just below our apartment.

We’re going to get a little rest, then head out for some supplies and groceries before finally going out to dinner.

Kathryn and I keep randomly and unexpectedly helping people, but now we’ve moved on to the French. I helped a guy who was searching for the name of the company that runs the shuttle bus, and Kathryn helped a woman who couldn’t get her ticket validated on the tram. Weird, but cool.