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In Paris, waiting for our flight to Montpellier

I planned to write a brief status update as we took our seats on the flight from Detroit to Paris, but somehow we ended up in an AT&T dead zone, so I had no access to the internet.

The flight was uneventful, other than a bit of turbulence leaving Detroit. Kathryn and I both got a reasonable amount of sleep. The food was edible, a feature of flying Air France. Dinner was chicken with a cream sauce served with polenta something or other. I passed on the champagne, although it was another nice touch, especially in economy.

The domestic departure area in Paris is, as usual, chaos. We always seem to be here on a Saturday, when half of France is flying somewhere. The last leg of the flight is relatively short, but we won’t be sitting next to each other. We booked on Delta, but for some reason they can’t access the seat maps for Air France domestic flights. I asked an agent here in the departure area, but at this point there are only middle seats available.

We’ve already shared some tips with several fellow Americans since we got off the plane. At least one, I think, was military traveling on orders.