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We’re back in Montpellier after a whirlwind side trip to Lourdes

Kathryn and I just got back to Montpellier after a whirlwind 30-hour side trip to Lourdes. This is just a quick update because the last two days have been somewhat exhausting.

I’m really happy we didn’t do this as a day trip as we’d originally planned. Four hours driving a rental car I’m not familiar with, on roads I’m not familiar with, took more out of me than I expected. Now I can’t imagine doing eight hours without getting some sleep in between. As it was, I pulled into a rest area on the way home for a short nap.

In retrospect, going with the parish pilgrimage group from Montpellier probably would have been enjoyable. We agreed we would have enjoyed at least one more day in Lourdes. The parish had hired buses, so we wouldn’t have had to drive. And we ended up seeing the priest from Sunday several times anyway, although of course he doesn’t know who we were.

And finally, we were able to attend the event that caused us to change our plans for Lourdes from Saturday to today, and it was totally worth it. I’ll elaborate more when I have the energy to write a longer post.