Another road trip from Montpellier, this one to Sommières

Since we’d reserved a rental car for four days, I felt a certain obligation to make the most use of it. Thursday morning, after lingering a little too long over breakfast, we got in the car to visit Uzès, an ancient walled village that dates back to pre-medieval times, about a 90-minute drive from Montpellier.

However, after all the driving I’d done Tuesday and Wednesday, I wasn’t on the autoroute for more than a few minutes when I started formulating for an escape plan. Right away I noticed an exit for Sommières, a village much closer to Montpellier that neither Kathryn nor I had ever visited. I’d seen many photos on Instagram, so at least a small amount of charm was assured. Upon arrival, we were not disappointed.

A monument dedicated to the sons of Sommières who gave their lives during the first World War.
Bridge joining the two sides of Sommières, which straddles the river Vidourle in the Gard department of France.
The French flag sits atop the castle in Sommières. The castle itself sits high above the village, offering an impressive view of the region.
Like most villages in France, the parish church in Sommières has a prominent position in the city center.

We spent about an hour and a half walking around this charming village of Sommières, then we enjoyed a relaxing — if not particularly tasty — lunch in its main plaza.

I told the navigation system to avoid toll roads taking us back to Montpellier from Sommières, thinking it would send us entirely on departmental routes. However, it still found us the free section of the autoroute and navigated us in that direction, which I didn’t realize until we were already making the turn. Fortunately we traveled only one exit on the autoroute before getting back on a departmental route again.

3 thoughts on “Another road trip from Montpellier, this one to Sommières”

  1. Looks charming. If you don’t want to drive too far, have you visited Sete on the coast?

    1. I’ve visited Sète a few times, and we may go again this week. We both grew up on the seacoast in New England, so it brings back fond memories. It’s such an easy train ride from Montpellier, we thought we’d save it until after we returned the car.

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