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I’m way behind on my posts, so here’s a brief status update from Montpellier

I was doing so well at publishing a blog post at least once a day, and then when we got back from Lourdes it kind of fizzled out. Well, have no fear, we’re doing well here in Montpellier. Yesterday I finally posted about our road trip to Sommières, which happened last Thursday. Last Friday we went on our highly anticipated hike up Pic St. Loup, along with a little bit of beach time before returning the rental car.

Saturday we visited the Montpellier Zoo, which is as much of a city park as a zoo. Sunday we visited Chateau d’Ô, another city park on the property of a former castle. And today, Kathryn is catching up on shopping, which means I’m catching up on drinking.

I’ll eventually fill in the details, but those are the highlights for now.