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The long journey home from Montpellier is underway

After fifteen days in Montpellier, France, our long journey home to Phoenix is underway. The upside of getting an early start is not having to rush. The downside is a lot of time spent waiting. We unwittingly arrived at the airport an hour before check-in was scheduled to begin for our flight to Paris. We used the time to enjoy a coffee and the sandwiches Kathryn made us last night from food we otherwise would have had to throw out. Then, of course, we had to wait another twenty minutes before check-in actually began. It seems the Air France team needed some extra time for their morning bisous.

We’re now through the security checkpoint, which was a rather pleasant experience compared to its counterparts back home. Now we’ll wait some more for our flight. Fortunately, the airport in Montpellier isn’t the chaos one sees in Paris. It’s 9 am, and there are only five flights departing between now and noon, including ours to Paris Charles de Gaulle at 10:15. It’s easy like Sunday morning.