Just got home, leaving again

If it seems like it was just last week I got home from two weeks of vacationing abroad, it’s because it was just last week. Since then I’ve already been back to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport twice. Once was to drop Kathryn off for her last-minute emergency trip back to Massachusetts, roughly 24 hours after we got home, and once was to fetch her we she returned, just two days ago. Since we left France last week, she and I have spent only three nights together.

Later today, I’m heading back to the airport again, this time to head out of town myself. Over Memorial Day weekend, I’ll be in Pennsylvania, taking a three-day firearm training course with a buddy from grad school. It should be a lot of fun, covering a lot of handgun topics that’ll be brand new to me. However, it’s even more time I’ll be away from Kathryn, whom I’ll miss while I’m out of town.

I’ll post the usual status updates while I’m traveling back and forth, but I probably won’t post much while I’m in Pennsylvania. While I expect the course to be rewarding, I also expect it to be demanding, both physically and mentally. I’ve done a few eight-hour courses in the past, and while my body has always felt it for the next few days, my brain has usually required some decompression too.

3 thoughts on “Just got home, leaving again”

  1. Wow, there’s no place like home right? Have a safe trip. This reminds me of taking Concealed Carry classes in Michigan a few years ago. I liked carrying the 9mm with me.

    1. Thanks! If you ever decide you want to carry again, the process in Nevada is pretty straightforward — even more so for a resident, I’d imagine — and I’ve heard Clark County no longer has “blue card” firearm registration for its residents.

      1. The Blue Card seems familiar, may have been here before I moved here in 2013. I have a number to call for CCR classes, there’s also a gun dealer nearby… Still thinking about this.

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