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Phoenix Sky Harbor is a great airport, especially if you’re hungry

On the way to the airport this afternoon, Kathryn, swelling with pride in the place she’s called home for over 25 years, told me what a great airport Phoenix Sky Harbor has become.

I really found it hard to disagree with her.

One of the reasons I was comfortable arriving so early for my flight today is that I knew, once through the security checkpoint, I would have a pretty decent meal.

On our last trip together, which was out of Terminal 3, we had burgers and beer at SanTan Brewing, which was excellent.

Today, flying out of Terminal 4, I had a bleu cheese burger and a couple beers at Four Peaks Brewing, which was almost as good.

If it weren’t for the friend waiting for me at the other end of the flight, I would have been pleased to see the inbound flight was behind schedule. It gave me an excuse to order another beer.