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Subtle but shameless promotion finally pays off

Most of my traveling bags are of the type with loop-and-hook fasteners for patches. Most people who own bags like these, if they don’t put a “morale” patch of some sort, put a tape with their last names. For several years, I’ve been taking a different approach. I display a patch with the domain name of my blog.

Earlier this morning, I began my trip back to Phoenix. While I was waiting for my Chick-fil-A order at the airport in Pittsburgh, a guy introduced himself to me and showed me what was on his phone. It was one of my posts from Sky Harbor last week, the one where I canceled my rant. He had seen the patches on my bags while waiting in line, so he tapped the domain name in his phone’s web browser and had a look.

John, sorry, I’ve already forgotten your last name, but thanks for reading and for the encouraging words. Safe travels today!