3:10 to Yuma: Does someone at American Airlines have a sense of humor?

I just got a text from a friend who’s waiting for a connecting flight at Sky Harbor Airport here in Phoenix. The flight he’s waiting for is — I’m not kidding — the 3:10 to Yuma.

Even though I’ve never read the short story nor seen either of the film adaptions, the reference wasn’t lost on me. It seems someone at American Airlines might have a sense of humor.

Furthermore, in case you’re tempted to think the 3:10 departure time to Yuma is merely a coincidence, they went ahead and numbered the flight 3100 too. Since American Eagle flights typically have four digits in their numbers, I’ll just assume 310 wasn’t an option.

4 thoughts on “3:10 to Yuma: Does someone at American Airlines have a sense of humor?”

  1. Nice play on words there by the airline! I looked up the distance between the two cities, seems it’s only around 185 miles. Driving would be much more cost effective wouldn’t it? Slower yes but…

    1. The friend was coming from the East Coast, so it probably didn’t cost too much more to fly the rest of the way to Yuma. If he were starting in Phoenix, I’m sure he’d just drive.

  2. It’s a 2+ hour drive, or a 30 min flight. From Phoenix, it’s driveable. At the tail end of a day that began in Philadelphia at 0230, involved TSA, airports, and crossing a few time zones….30 minutes in the air is very attractive.

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