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Follow-up on the Fediverse … and a travel experiment

Since my post last week about federated social networking, I’m aware of only one reader who was inspired to create an account in the Fediverse: my mom 😀. For those of you who are close family or in-real-life friends of mine, my offer to hook you up on my own Mastodon server still stands. Just let me know.

I’m heading out of town next Friday — a week from today — for a short, three-day trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. I’ve decided this would be an excellent time to experiment with live-posting my travels on the Fediverse, rather than on my blog as I’ve done for so many years now. You’ll be able to find my posts at https://goneaway.social/@curt. You don’t need an account to lurk. The link should also work in a RSS reader, if you still use one.

For those of you who’ve patiently and lovingly suffered through every word of my sometimes-multi-thousand-word travel blog posts, you may be in for some well-deserved relief. My Fediverse posts will be limited to 500 characters each.