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I just posted a new YouTube video about making breakfast

Earlier this morning, I posted a new video on my YouTube channel. Since this is my first time creating an edited video, I chose a rather mundane topic: making breakfast. Since a lot of folks have asked me about dietary changes I’ve made over the past eighteen months, showing off my typical breakfast may provide at least a partial answer.

I started with about 20 minutes of footage that I recorded on my phone last week, and last night I edited it down to about six minutes. Since the ventilation fan drowned out my voice, I muted the recorded audio and mixed in some ambient background music instead. For the editing, I used OpenShot Video Editor on Ubuntu Linux. It took me about four hours to edit the video, even with its relatively simple transitions, but a lot of that time was spent getting over a steep learning curve and making a lot of mistakes that required undoing.

I have a ton of new respect for the people who make videos like this every day.

I’m planning to make more videos in the near future, perhaps even doing some video blogging. If you have a Google account — and you probably do — please subscribe to my YouTube channel. YouTube unlocks certain features once a channel has 100 subscribers, and right now mine has, well, six.