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A different kind of road trip this weekend

Kathryn and I are heading out of town this afternoon to spend the weekend at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona. We’ve stayed in the campground there a number of times before.

What makes this trip quite a bit different is that my parents are loaning us their motor home. There’ll be no tent or tarp to set up, but we’ll be experiencing hookups, slideouts, and dump stations on our own for the first time.

My parents were also willing to loan us their tow car. However, I’m still getting comfortable with the idea of driving something as long as their RV, so I’m not ready to attempt pulling a car behind it too. Maybe next time. However, it means either Kathryn will have to drive one of our cars to the campground or we’ll be stuck without a car for the weekend. We’ve chosen the first option, so Kathryn and I will not be driving there together.

Some of you longtime readers with good memories may remember a post from almost exactly a year ago when our last camping trip to Dead Horse Ranch was abruptly terminated on account of heavy rain. The forecast this weekend is apparently for lots of sun, but this time we’ll have a metal roof over our heads in case the situation changes.